Ash’s outfits with their game counterpart.

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tfw you look like a hermit playing video games and friends you haven’t interacted with in years show up at your door asking to hang out and you just want to say “piss off i still need to find two more pieces of the triforce”

i’ve spent the past week playing skyward sword for literally at least 6 hours everyday and last night i cried at a scene then fell asleep on the couch i think i’ve reached a new low


I gave Cyrus and Giovanni the Pokemon ORAS redesign treatment

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Is there a way to turn off the music on your blog, just out of curiosity. I like to listen to my own music when on here and I can't while on your blog...

that’s the one thing i’ve been meaning to fix lol when i was screwing around with html that pause thing disappeared :/ i’ll fix it…. someday……… wheeze


pkmn twitter dump again

how to let everyone know you’re THE COOLIEST: have 718 pokemon and 999:59 hours of gameplay

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Artist: 漬物飴沢


ポケモンとかのログ by ずんだもちこ